Know about Types and Features of Roll Crushers

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Smooth Double Roller Crusher - Usage And Features And Working Principle

The leading manufacturers of smooth double roll crushers make an intensive research with their skilled and experienced team of professionals to deliver premium smooth double roll crusher to the industrial clients. This double roller crusher is utilized for crushing ore, coal, cement, glass, silicate and other brittle materials in fine grain form.

Mode of operation:-

The crushing rolls are separately determined in counter rotation by sufficient drive arrangements. The pulverizing material is fed into the smooth double roll crusher machine by conveyors or comparative systems while it is spread over the entire width of the roll. This is important to attain an ideal utilization of the crushing tools, at least wear and a standardized final grain size allocation. Parameters such as roll diameter, circumferential speed or tooth form are painstakingly conformed to the qualities of the feed material as per the required product specifications.


To persuade the final grain size of the feed material, one of the two rolling crushers is intended to move freely. The change is carried out hydraulically with an integrated programmed horizontal over-burden security. As an alternative, the system can be offered with an automated, remote controlled precision gap estimation system. The hydraulic horizontal change comprises of two hydraulic differential chambers or cylinders and the corresponding hydraulic collections.

Advantages of smooth double roll crushers:

  • Spare parts are easily available
  • It possesses overload protection
  • High machine availability
  • Constant and high capacity
  • Hydraulic gap change for remote operation
  • Vast variety of applications
Smooth double roll crusher contains roller bodies, which are equipped with crushing shells or crushing rings. The rolls are protected either with end disks and anchor bolts, or bolted with screws. The shafts are set in heavy-duty cast metal housing to facilitate maintenance.